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The Company - About us

At Convel, we make our customers’ dreams come true, and we make them into material works that become history. We want you, too, to become part of our dream to keep on growing and building the future.

The heritage of over 57 years is the materialization of architectural design and construction of countless civil, industrial, commercial, public, educational, medical, institutional and residential works.

Since our establishment in October of 1954 under the corporate name Vélez Escobar Ltda. and as of September of 1967 with Convel as our new corporate name, we have positioned ourselves as a solid organization, in steady growth, offering integral services and creative solutions showing in the quality of the innumerable projects we have participated in.

Our founders’ bequest is an array of ethical, moral, and social justice values standing not only as the philosophical core of our company but also as an example of life for those of us working at Convel today.

Our Integral Management policy is to always be the best option for our customers through the sustainability of our projects, and delivery of integral, innovative and creative quality service. In terms of the context of globalization, we work under the international standards set by the ISO 9000, ISO 14000, and OHSAS 18000 standards.

Our customers are the raison d’être of our work. Thanks to our quality, timeliness and efficiency, companies from both the public and private sectors trust in us for the development of works that boost growth of both their business and the country.

Each work is a new and original creation. In every detail we deliver quality service and timely, professional work that suits our customers’ needs, thanks to the expertise of our human team.

Our inspiration is creative and competitive designs and works that stand the test of time. We deliver design and construction services for urban development, architectural, and interiors projects to diverse customers from the entire country.